25 April 2017

Walk for 26 April

Champagne-sur-Seine - Vulaines-sur-Seine - Fontainebleau - 11 or 20 km                                                                                                      
                                                                                                                                                                                                The hike will start in Champagne-sur-Seine (right bank) and will end at Fontainebleau-Avon train                                          
station, about 19-20k.                                                                                                                                                                           
In the morning, we’ll walk in the forest and along the river to Vulaines-sur-Seine/Samoreau.
In the afternoon, we will cross the river to hike in Forêt de Fontainebleau.

After lunch and about 11K, there will be a bail-out point as we will be near the Vulaines-sur-Seine/Samoreau train station. 
If you wish to leave then, before we cross the river, I suggest that you look at a map to locate the station, not far from the bridge or nearby museum.
Vulaines-sur-Seine has a museum dedicated to French poet Stéphane Mallarmé. 

There will be some ups and downs, a short steep ascent at the very start, with steps, we will walk at a steady pace. Wear good footwear. Carry enough water. 

Hikers need personal accident and liability insurance.

 -Take train GAMA from Gare de Lyon direction/to Montargis at 9.20, arriving at Melun at 9.47, then change for train KOHO to Montereau at 9.52 arriving in Champagne-sur-Seine at 10.17; Zone 5
Departure should be from Hall 1-lettered platforms- but check on arrival. I will meet you at Gare de Lyon by the platform, we usually travel in the rear carriage.

-Return trains from Fontainebleau-Avon every half hour: 16.00 (arr:16.41) - 16:31 (arr:17.15) - 17.00 (arr:17.41) 
There is a brasserie next to the train station.

-Return trains from Vulaines-sur-Seine/Samoreau Via Melun, every hour at.47: 13.47-14.06/14.13 arr Gare de Lyon 14.41, 14.47 …

Unless you have a "Passe Navigo” or benefit from discounted fares, buy a "Mobilis 5 zones" (17.30€)

See you on Wednesday,



16 April 2017

Walk for 19 April 2017

                                                        Photo: Daniel R. Spring 2017

From Dourdan to St Chéron   -   16 or 20 km

Dear walking friends,

It is a nice walk through forests, fields and valleys.
20 km ou 16 km  (Dénivelé : 200 m)

Getting there:
Take RER Ligne C   : Train DEBO Destination Dourdan la Forêt at 8:37 from Invalides or 
at 8:42 from St Michel N D.  We can meet in the last carriage.
Arrival at DOURDAN at 9h51.
Be careful : get off at DOURDAN, before the terminus (Dourdan La Forêt).

Return, Line C from St Chéron at 15:47 or 16:17. Every half hour.

Shorter walk possible  (16 km ) after the lunch, directly to St Chéron.

Bring the usual stuff (good humour, food and drinks)

Tel : 0689713265

All hikers need personal accident and liability insurance.


08 April 2017

Walk for 12 April 2017

Parc du Morbras - Forêt Notre-Dame -  13km

Dear Walkers,
Our hike on April 12th,
In the Parc du Morbras...
In Spring, springs spring like springs.
Au printemps les sources jaillissent comme des ressorts.

Daniel Pérot, poet, 1945--20--.
> This park is situated in Sucy-en-Brie and mainly in Ormesson.
> From the RER station we will cross the paths which lead us to the park.
> There we will admire the cherry trees of Japan and lilacs and walk along the brooks.

> Then we will continue in the Forêt Notre-Dame.
> Total distance: 13 km.
> ----
Getting  there...
> Take RER A at Châtelet/les Halles at 9:22.
> Direction Boissy-Saint-Léger (zone 4).
> Arriving at SUCY-Bonneuil at 9:47.
> Sortie 1, Place de la Gare, where I'll wait for you. Our meeting point.
> ----
Return from another station, Boissy-Saint-Léger, same line, zone 4.
> ----
> There is no possibility for toilet (technical stop) during the first 30/45 minutes of the  walk.
> Just in case... I recommand the train leaving Châtelet/les Halles 20 minutes before.
> So, after the exit there is a Café, a few meters to the right (after the bridge).
> Your attention please... The meeting point is place de la Gare and not at the Café.
> Come with appropriate clothes, shoes (mud is always possible in the forest), and buble paper to seat on the benches...
> Do not forget your picnic. 
> ----
> I'm looking forward to seeing you.
> daniel.perot@free.fr
> Tel. 09 50 56 65 26.
> Mobile (only the day of the walk) 06 51 22 35 16.

31 March 2017

5 April 2017

Cesson  -  17km

Dear Walkers,

This week I propose a 17 km walk, a loop, from Cesson on the RER D line, two stops before Melun. It will take us through parks, woods, fields and villages. We will enjoy our picnic lunch along the Seine near the village of Boissettes. The terrain is mostly flat and there is a possibility to bail out after 11.5 km at the Le Mee RER station. The first half of the walk will be a continuation of the March 8 walk along the GR 2.

Getting there :
RER D, train ZACO, leaving the Gare de Lyon at 9:20, direction Melun,  arriving at Cesson at 10:06. We will meet on the platform to board the first train going out of the station.
Give yourself enough time to find the correct quai as sometimes it changes at the last minute. 
Return trains run every 15". 

Remember to bring plenty of water, sun and rain protection and your usual good humor.

Mary Lynne 

24 March 2017

Hike for 29 March 2017

Les Vaux de Cernay  -  23 k

Dear walkers,

This week, I propose a lovely hike from Le Perray en Yvelines along the 'Vaux de Cernay.
The path is not too hard but about 23 km and 500 m of elevation.
We will have our lunch at the "Cascades et Rochers des Vaux de Cernay", beautiful place that some know.
It's not easy to have a bail out, however if you have a map (IGN 2215 OT - Forêt de Rambouillet) ... why not ? 

Getting there :
At Paris Montparnasse- Train REPU Dir Rambouillet at 8.24, arriving at Le Perray en Yvelines at 9.27
Meet up in front of the platform, travel in the rear car with the group if you wish.
Return to Paris by the same station. 
As usual, take a picnic lunch, water and of course, shoes and clothing adapted to the season without forgetting your good mood.
See you on Wednesday,

Daniel R.

L'homme sage est celui qui connaît ses limites.

17 March 2017

Hike for 22 March 2017

Epernon to Maintenon  -   19 km

Hello dear walkers,

To pay tribute to our greatly missed leader Judy who is enjoying her retirement in Scotland, we are going to walk from Epernon to Maintenon following her path.
It’s a mainly flat 19 km walk (except one rather steep 50 m slope). The highlights at the end of the walk are the Louis XIV aqueduct and Château de Maintenon.
We will walk along the pretty Drouette river, have a glimpse of the Château de Morville, go through attractive villages, see churches, endless views and a surprising but famous sculpture in an inappropriate place.

BE AWARE, both Epernon and Maintenon are outside of the zones so you will need full-fare train tickets even if you have a pass Navigo (Paris-Epernon 11.90 euro, Maintenon-Paris 13.20 euro).

Take the 9.06 train from Montparnasse direction Chartres to Epernon arriving at 9.51. This train stops at Versailles Chantiers at 9.20. We will meet you at the rear car of the train.
Warning: On line 4, metros don't stop at Montpanasse-Bienvenue station because the platforms are closed.

Return trains from Maintenon are roughly hourly, we should finish in time to catch the 15.55 train, the next one will be at 16.55.

Wear suitable clothes and footwear. Bring lunch, enough water and  snack depending on your needs. There are no opportunities for a bailout on this walk.

Hikers need personal accident and liability insurance.

See you on Wednesday

Catherine T. & Thérèse B. 
06 89 69 22 09

11 March 2017

Walk for 15  March 2017

No country walk is planned for this week.